Blast Off (feat. Mark Curry & Loon) Lyrics

G. Dep

album: Track 12 in album Child of the Ghetto
release date: 2001-11-20
popularity : 6 users have visited this page.
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Gangsta
length: 3:39

Cover Art

G. Dep Child of the Ghetto cover art
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[G. Dep]
Yeah, me and my man's and them
We gon' blast off
Bad Boy nigga, and we don't stop
Come on to the top, blast off
Yeah, yo
Aiyyo, I take it up top for my peeps
Cracks in they Jeeps, don't sleep till they 6 feet deep
No 'lax' in my tracks they potent
Fuck homicide, I'ma ride, keep smokin'
I keep smokin' till the bullshit filter
Like cigarettes, Dep came through, killed ya
When I swerve hit nerves
Number 1 contenders, I put 'em on injured reserve
And everybody know what's golden, matter of fact platinum,
?mores trap to mold in?
Once I explode and I, burn up the road and
Cruise around the globe, the cops thinkin' it's stolen
Understand, the world's in my hand
G. Dep in this scam, no stunt
Bitch play the front
And I'ma show you how to lay back do a buck while you puff on a sac
Cause yo, I'm about to blast off -
Straight to the chase, cause everybody know what's the case
Aiyyo, I'ma about to blast off
Straight to the point, aiyyo, yo, light another joint
Nigga, I'ma blast off
Right to the top, aiyyo, no, I ain't gon stop yo
Nigga, I'ma blast off
Straight to the dome, you entered in the Bad Boy zone
[Mark Curry]
Yo, yo, uh
Who's a nigga harder than me?
On the boats, make it known how the slaughterin' be
Damn, Curry ain't the shit? Put the name in your mouth
Got it different? You ain't on what you talkin' about
Bustin' off in her mouth, catch me
I'm feelin' for whoever test me, pity for whoever second guess me
Know how to ?manhand'? it's real as it get
Feelin' my shit, straight through the cealin' with this
Bet your block love it, find me only wi

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