G. Dep One Way (feat. Black Rob) Lyrics

Artist: G. Dep
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[G-Dep Talking]
Come here man, You lookin for beef [smacking sound]
Get the **** over, yea
You thought I wasn't, yea hehehehe
Yea look at me, look at me *****
Come here, know one thing *****

[Verse 1: G-Dep]
I think you need to know I'm holdin it down
Wit a hole in this town
It's a hole in da ground, where I stomp
Got these *****z steady on the watch
Like it's Teddy on da block
If your ready or your not here I come
***** you can run you can hide
You can dip you can slide
You can duck you can ride you can flee
I give a *****, one test now it's one less
That's how easily you can be eliminated
Program to scan rock jams
Get down from where I stand to Scotland
Dustin like Hothman
If that'll stop what you got planned the shot's ?
Ask your man, ask your girl, ask your crew
I'm hittin high, I'm hittin low what a ***** have to do
You want drama I'm a have to act a fool
Had to laugh at the aftermath now I'm after you and

[Chorus: G-Dep]
One way or another I'm a find ya
And I'm a getch ya, getch ya, getch ya, getch ya
One day maybe next week, I'm gonna find ya
I'm gonna getch ya, getch ya unngghh

[Verse 2: Black Rob]
Cowardest cats, names don't ring no bell
Been grabbin *****z up by they coat ?
Coke rhyme but It's dope as hell
***** four tooth the ?
Still had to broke in jail
Wit a parole hold just the systems so cold
Had me thinkin under pressure that this kid won't fold
When the feds came in extremely vocal, ain't stutta
Shoutin out my ? name and my social
Wasn't to hard to find I stay local
If I would of known you was sinkin I would of bin by coastals
See I'm a do what I'm supposed to
Even if I gotta dress up and knock on your door like I'm the postal
Your *** is grass and that's that
Better strap up your vest and that's that
Come through wit ski masks and black ?
With the boomshack with the crack crack ****in rat *****

[Chorus: G-Dep]
[Verse 3: G-Dep]
Just when you thought it was over
But that ain't the code of a soldier look over your shoulder
Came through low in the rover knowin ya nova
Trouble was seen then see trouble was me
Double your speed, punch through metal fa sure
I got the metal in store, whatch you medallin for
I used to boost pedals ?
NowI'm ? vocal peddal the four let this settle the score
Now check it
Won't have to rest to switch hands and
Six mill-e-on ree-sons you should switch plans
It a happened all too fast to ? fans
Like a wind brass, shoot glass, **** sand
Thinking it would all sink in like quicksand
But, this is why I direct the **** and
Cut now it's done, what now it's won
Like the Wild Wild West it's Dep and ?

[Chorus: G-Dep]
G-Dep singing the chorus in parts
One way
I'm a find ya
Getch ya, one day
But I'm a find ya
One Way
I'm a find ya and I'm a getch ya, getch ya, getch ya, getch ya
One day
But I'm a find ya
And I'm a getch ya, getch ya unngghh
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