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I went down baby ???
Sittin' in the shade with my lady
??? left the bus
So lets not discuss
I never never never liked a girl that much
But she's so fine
Oh momma all the time
I seen the sister in the moon
And now shes in my room
Well, she's my sister and my lover
And my friend and my momma
Well late at night, late at night
Don't you just feel alright

Well, Sweet Sugar Momma I ???
Sweet Sugar Momma I ???

I got you girl oh momma ???
You're so sweet oh you so fine
I got you girl oh momma
Well I see you in the morning
The color of my rising sky
And I said well you smell ???
Like some flowers in the springtime
Well rolling down hills
Climb a mountain
Cross a ocean
Well hand to hand together
Oh together we stand

Well, Sweet Sugar Momma
I ???
Sweet Sugar Momma
I ???

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