G.G. Allin - Bad Habits Lyrics

Artist: G.G. Allin Lyrics
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Well I swear too much
I drink too many
I shoot up and smoke dope
I'm fucked up honey
I got bad habits, bad habits

And I fuck all the whores
Black and white
I molest little girls
Who are ten and tight
I got bad habits, bad habits

I'm a heighty-tighty bitch
My heart is so cold
Spend all my money
As hard as I go
I tell you a lie
Cause I'm a dirty wild bitch
I'll rape your little sister
I'm mentally unfit

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Don't rock the boat
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
Bad, bad, bad
Bad, bad, bad...


I steal too much
I shoot my guns
Get thrown outta bars
I'm rowdy all the time
I got bad habits, bad habits

All the pigs that know me
They wanna lock me away
But I'm an evil wild slut
They'll never tame me
Bad habits, bad habits

It's my bloody suicide
I'm not afraid to die
I abuse my body, cut my skin
Til it bleeds with a knife
I'll piss on your hide
Cause I just don't care
You think I'm fuckin' around
You best step over here



Bad habits, bad habits
Bad habits, bad habits


I suck panty hose
Beat my dick all day
I fuck my sister
When the folks are away
I got bad habits, bad habits

I'm livin' on the edge
I get in trouble all day
I get into fights
With the boys on the streets
Bad habits, bad habits

Repeat Verse Three



...habits and I like it
Fuck you

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