Grateful Dead My Sisters And Brothers Lyrics

Artist: Grateful Dead
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I wanna say to my sisters and my brothers Keep the faith, When the storm flies and the wind blows Go on at a steady pace, When the battle is fought and the victory is won We call all shout together, "We have overcome!" We'll talk to the Father and the Son When we make it to the Promised Land. Chorus: Walk together little children, You don't ever have to worry, Through this world of trouble We gotta love one another, Let's take our fellow man by the hand Try to help him to understand We will all be together for ever and ever When we make it to the promised land. Our Bible reads, "Thou shall not be afraid Of the terror by night Nor the arrow that flies by day, Nor for the pestilence That walketh in the darkness, Nor for the destruction That waiteth in the noonday hour." Chorus This world is not our own, We're only passing through, Our treasure's all laid up Way beyond the blue, Let's do the very best that we can While we're traveling through this land We can all be together, Shakin' our h
air, When we make it the Promised Land. Children, we can Make it to the Promised Land, (repeat a bunch of times) We can all be together For ever and ever When we make it to the Promised Land.
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