Gaelle - Fade Away Lyrics

Artist: Gaelle Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Transient
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Sometime i wish i’d
disappear and fade away
more often then not i keep forgetting
true love it can never end in sorrow
i hope and i pray for comfort that never seems to come
they say what don’t kill you makes you stronger
so why am i lying on the carpet
convinced that if i sit still i will slowly wash away
i wish i could

disappear and fade away
this disappointment seems too overwhelming
disappear and fade away
can’t understand it please somebody help me

run back out of fear of starting over
accept what is well below the standards
embarrassed that self respect hasn’t seen the light of day

consumed by a lack of motivation
but somehow you pull it all together
you put on sone new perfure and you face another day
you heartache will



gotta keep it all together or i’ll break up
maybe take a shower wash off this makeup
maybe watch tv then get some sleep and feel better when i wake up

even though these feelings are never brand new
they kinda makes you wanna believe that they’re true
but in time you’ll see this misery will fade
that’s just how these things do
and your problems will


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