Galactic Cowboys Breakthrough Lyrics

Artist: Galactic Cowboys
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Length: 3:38

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Seems that there's a break in our communication lines
You haven't heard me talkin' for a long long time
I guess you're in a new dimension but I'm still in mine
Look out 'cause I'm a bull in a china shop

What's it gonna take to finally breakthrough?
Somethin' about this that makes it all new
I'm prepared to do all that I have to
Anything it takes to finally breakthrough

I got a sinking feeling that I can't relay
Remembering a conversation on a distant day
Visions of teardrops falling as you turn away
I may be flesh and bone but my feet are clay
Look out 'cause I'm a bull in a china shop

Ghosts form my past cling to my back
I should've seen it comin' should've seen the signs
Sensing a swelling shiver shooting up my spine

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