Gang Starr Deadly Habitz Lyrics

Artist: Gang Starr
Publishers: ©Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
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Length: 4:15

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Yeah, bout to talk about some serious ****
Deadly habits, you know everybody's got 'em
Just that some *****z try to front, try to cover **** up
But **** that, I be wylin sometimes - you know why?
Cause suckers be thinkin that **** is sweet
*****z be thinkin that rap *****z ain't real, haha
Yeah well that's aight, that's aight
Let 'em think what they want

Yo I'm steady at it, them deadly habits
I pray for the best outcome son, but my dome's already shattered
By the **** that's occurred
Drivin home tipsy from the club, puffin herb, vision blurred
Thinkin bout them *****z who caught the drop
Who I gotta stop, who he caught, and who still gotta get popped
Stash box, feelin like Fish in "King of New York"
Wifey do her thing for the God, she don't be bringin me pork
Cause there's enough deadly **** a brother be facin
Up in V.I.P., *****z drinks they be lacin
Got a ***** sweatin pacin, not ready to fall the **** up
But ready to pull out, and back 'em all the **** out
And my guardian angel, is always there to protect
And my supreme nature, keeps all them savages in check
How the hell did everything get so twisted
They say be careful what you pray for, so I guess now it's this ****

They will never know - what I do to get by
And them many times I almost died
They will never know - all the reasons why I flip
And now I gotta keep an extra clip
They will never know - what this stress is like
And why I'm on point, ready to fight
They will never know - all the pressure and pain
Don't give a **** if they think less of me mayne

Deadly habits, they could be a number of
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