Garbage - Right Between the Eyes Lyrics

Artist: Garbage Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Bleed Like Me
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Don't care what they have to say
Why you listening to them anyway?
Why do you have to give them what they want?
They love to watch you as you fall apart

Stick it to them like a phoenix rise
There's nothing grander than the big surprise
They can't hurt you with their sticks and stones
About time take them right between the eyes

Seek to destroy cause they're scared of you
That's why they try to make a fool of you
They're so jealous of my pretty star
Cause you've got soul inside your shattered heart


And you've been waiting all your life
To fly high into somebody else
And it's true it's a cruel, cruel world
Life's a ***** and then you die my love

Don't care what they have to say
You shouldn't listen to them anyway?


People kill to build you up
Then they'll stab you in the back like that
You know it breaks my heart
Can't see you going out like that

Stay alive my love [Repeat: x4]

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