Garth Brooks - We Bury the Hatchet Lyrics

Artist: Garth Brooks Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Ropin' the Wind
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Hey, all the neighbors lights
Came on last night
Just like they do every time
We have a little fight
It’s gettin’ to the point
We can’t get along
We’re always fighting about things
That should be dead and gone.

We bury the hatchet
But leave the handle stickin’ out
We’re always diggin’ up things
We should forget about
When it comes to forgettin’
Baby, there ain’t no doubt
We bury the hatchet
But leave the handle sticking out.

Well, I was kissing on cindy
Hey, that I won’t deny
But that’s a long time ago
I let a dead dog lie
But if you want to cut deep
How ’bout you and ol’ joe
I caught you down at the creek
Just ten years ago.

Hey, we got enough on each other
To wage a full scale war
If we could ever remember
What we were fightin’ for

We bury the hatchet
But leave the handle stickin’ out

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