Gary Allan - Hungover Heart Lyrics

Artist: Gary Allan Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Set You Free
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I stayed as drunk as I could
For longer than I should
Off ruby-red lips and soft fingertips
And her long blonde hair
Was flowing everywhere
Like a red, red wine
And its stoned my mind

What goes up must come down
It was a hard lesson learned
That was then, this is now

Don’t get too high on love
Or addicted to her touch
Don’t get hung up on forever
'Cause there ain't no such
Don't get strung out on a woman
‘Cause comin’ down is the hardest part
When she walks away and leaves you
With a hungover heart

Oh, I’ve tried to sober up
But I’m jonesin’ way too much
For one more kiss
Mmm, that heavenly bliss
And the longer that I’m dry
Takes me further back in time
When I was her man
Ooo, when I was her man

Losin’ her is gonna be the death of me
I can’t drown her memory out
With Tennessee whiskey

[Chorus: x2]

Ooo, hungover heart
She’ll leave you with a hungover heart

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