Gary Barlow - Open Road Lyrics

Writer(s) : BARLOW, GARY
Artist: Gary Barlow Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Open Road
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My life is extraordinary bare
I fought the fear and chased the pain
Like nerd in my brain
My life doesn't need to be explained

Just swerve in the lane
I chose to walk the line as one
Like a jungle cat on the run
Sometimes I live upon my island

Cut off from emotion and its brain
(ad libs) ohh, yuhyuh that's when I'm tempted by the waters
The waters that I can take me far away
(ad libs) oh yah yah oh yah yah

So I'll just keep on walking down this open road
And before you know it, I'll score a goal
Hoping someone somewhere sees me
Like thierry my boy henry or

Perhaps like a giant bumble bee
So I'll just keep on walking down this open road
Talking to the man who knows me
Like a fire bee

Yes he knows me, the man is me
Oh yuhyuh, yuhyuh! oh! bzzzzzz

My life was once full of people's smiley faces
In an oven with pizza and lamb cutlets
Like when I was a boy with paper traces
Brought to me by love which isn't strange

Just peculiar and grange
Oh my life had the goodness of blue waters
A day's a day for all I used to say
Even more so for people who are gay

Sometimes I can sit and cry my heart out
Like a big girl's blouse,
Drowning in my automatic ways
Oh, that's when I am tempted by the waters

Like a sheeplet, tossed upon the ocean (copyright this line to david hasselhoff)
Then it gets out, swimming in the potion!
Waters that can take me far away in a boat
So I'll just keep on walking down this open road

Oh yuhyuh
Hoping someone somewhere needs me
So I'll just keep on walking down this open road
Oh yuhyuh

Talking to the man who knows chun li
Yes he knows chun li, the man is firebee, firebee,
Oh firebee yuhyuh doov kew, oh yuhyuhyuhyuh,
Hoona flame, yoga fire, yutap urkya, shoryookin
Oh yuhyuh!

My life is now full of people's faces
Within the light of change I pulled away
In my zonda, lambo and merc sl that's gay
My life shows that no man is a cacti (plural)oh yuhyuhyuh

I've exchanged the piece of life I cut away
Like a birthday cake (spiderman one)
Now you won't see me talking down that open road
I've found someone now who needs me

No you won't see me walking down that open road
I've found at last the man who knows me
Yes he knows me and the man was me
The man was me

Oh yuhyuhyuhyuh (beautifal ad libs)
Oh yuhyuhyuhyuh oh yuhyuhyuhyuh
Oh yuhyuhyuhyuh
Oh yuhyuhyuhyuh

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