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Album: Track 6 on Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets
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I've taken all my pills
But I'm still not sleepy
Tried to trick myself into thinking
That I'm not awake

That it's only a dream
Put that cigarette out
Don't ask me no questions
Salome dancing on my wall

And the shadows on the floor
Look so warm from here
I've seen it all before
Just one little lie

But the difference is this
It meant the world to me
Don't ask me no questions
"Take the wheel" she said "As I wander"

We could leave this town
I've got all I need spirit, hope and joe
But no one knows me
I think I lost my pills

Guess I'll take my chances
I'm looking at the telephone
But nothing happens
I am well aware

That the morning is near
Put that radio down
Don't ask me no questions

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