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Writer(s) : DEGRAW, GAVIN
Artist: Gavin DeGraw Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Chariot
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Hail to the light,
That my baby's watchin' me
In the darkness of the window,
I can hardly get to sleep
Wish for the hour,
That the night time soon shall pass
And the moon do bring us,
To a day our souls can last

Love has a reason,
There's a meaning to the world
We're giving love (yeah)

Situation: candle light,
Enough to see the bits around you,
But its never very bright
Stare at a memory,
You through the grapevine
Heard the truth
It's good to learn from your mistakes,

But that only works in youth


Giving love
Giving love
Giving love

Restless minds,
Curtain calls, follow fanfares
Troubled hearts,
Just a walk down the hall
Restless hearts take a punch,
Just to lift one
Troubled minds,
It's only fair after all
Mountin' the trail,
Nut you got it in sight
Sometimes our only way is jumpin'
I hope your not afraid of heights
Reach in my pocket,
For a bill that isn't there,
To face all of the un-doings,
Is to visit more than I can bare


Giving love
Giving love
Giving love
It's always been good to me [Repeats]
Love has a reason,
There's a meaning to the world
We're giving love

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