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Album: Track 5 on Sacred Cow
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What's wrong you're always crying lately
What song this isn't a song really
Shut up and stop your playing around
The subject right now is what's wrong. . .
What's wrong with this immaculate
What song is this immaculate song of love
What's wrong with this immaculate
What song is this sacred cow of love
Love makes me want to melt down
It can be really dangerous
If I make love to you now
I'll have a gigantic sacred cow
What song reminds you of when
Life was home on the dangerous
Which side of the tracks are you on
Both sides because the world is round
Sacred cows are headed for the slaughter
Sacred chickens pecking cement
Making unknown nuggets for the miners
So they can make cement excrement
Building buildings taller than the mountains
Digging tunnels deeper than the sea
How I' d like to fly in an airplane
So I can pump entertainment in me

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