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Way out west in Texas, it's where I long to be
Ridin' on the prairie with a good horse under me
For three long years I've bumed around, my heart is sad and blue
I'm goin' back to the wooly West where your friends are always true


Well, way out west in Texas where the atmosphere is light
You roll up in your blanket on the prairie every night
Where the rattlesnakes and the old horned toads, they sleep right by your side
On the desert sands of Texas, it's where I long to ride.

[Instrumental of Verse]

Well, way out west in Texas around that old camp fire
We sing the songs of long ago and strum on my guitar
My heart is ever yerning, but I will be there soon
I'll settle down in Texas when the cactus is in bloom

[Instrumental of Verse]

Well, a way out west in Texas, round up in the spring
You'll hear me sing this little song while ridin' on the range
Broadway lights (hue to you?) moon light suits me fine
I'll settle down in Texas, I'll leave my blues behind

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