Gene - Fighting Fit Lyrics

Artist: Gene Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Drawn to the Deep End
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I need you
I'm waiting and I'm alone
I wanted to be so bold
But good words are never easy
I am still young
My blood flowing like a flood
Come and take every single bone
I will give as good as I get

I can't take it
To much time's been wasted
So come and get my plateful
I am fighting fit and able
I can't take it
When you slide and twist it hurts me
So settle down and let me
I've tasted life
I'm ready

I need you
Your shoulders act as my strength
Your skin is my only friend
I seek cover in all your glories
I am tarnished
I know I have many flaws
But our love it will shatter all
Take me on and we will conquer

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