Genitorturers - Level 3 Lyrics

Artist: Genitorturers Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Sin City
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What took so long to get to level 3?
Oh, was it hard to finally find me?
What could it take to turn you oh so bad?
Was it me who wrecked your courage
Cuz your sentiment was had?
Right here, all along
Right here, in your skin
Right here, waiting
Wanting you to let me in
Won't you please come under me
Tell me all of the wishes that you want from me
Won't you please come into me
Trade lust for life for sanity
Trip my trigger for the penitent boy
In your skin I will begin
Watch my skin come creeping in
Slit you through the middle
Gonna climb right in
Won't you pleas come under me
I'll show you four more levels of you sanity
Won't you please climb in with me
So I can lick you while I trick you into jerkin for me
Trip my trigger for the penitent boy
Cause when the missionary comes
With her black gloves donned
She'll shed a tear for your fear
As your soul contorts inside
Trip my trigger for the penitent by
Don't cry, penitent boy

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