Geri Halliwell - Ride It Lyrics

Writer(s) : Halliwell, Geri / Kotecha, Savan / Larossi, Josef / Romdhane, Andreas
Artist: Geri Halliwell Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Passion
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Oooohhh I've been riding it (x2)

So you wanna make some music 2 take me intu outta ma head,get into the groove and in time to my body instead.

When the base kicks in I can feel my song within me,well your lovin gets me high cause your the only one who can pump it like the way I like....

Your the Dj I'm the son,take me out and tell me on,let youself flow,
I've been ridin it

She comes pumpin to the beat,from the side and underneath
And my body's were my body's at,
I've been ridin it

Oooohhhh, when you're spinnin it, I've been ridin it.

there's a little wooden man stick his temper was an oveload, he gets jiggin with an ear but all I wanna do is vote.

and when the base kicks in I can dans like no ones wachin,
Its a funny kinda feelin cause your the only one who can pump it like the way I like...



when the base kiks in I can dance like no ones wachin, its a funny kinda feelin
But your the only one who can pump it like I liiiiiiiiiiiiiike

(chorus) (x2)


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