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Artist: Geto Boys Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on The Resurrection
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Chorus (Flaj)
What we see [what we see] everyday [everyday]
Livin' in the ghetto this is where I stay
[What we do] what we do [to get by] to get by
Live or die, the world is a ghetto

Lets take a journey to the other side
Where many people learn to live with their handicaps
While others die
Where mutha****as had no money spots
And if they did then they *** went insane
When all the money stops

I'm from the ghetto so I'm used to that
Look on your mutha****in map and find Texas
And see where Houston at
Its on the borderline of hard times
And it's seldom that your hear *****s breakin' and givin' God time
That's why your *** (????) and pray for me
Because I know that even I got to die
And he got a day for me
And every morning I wake up I'm kinda glad to be alive
Cause thousands of my homeboys died
And very few died of old age
In most cases the incident covered up the whole page
From Amsterdam to Amarillo
It ain't no secret
The world is a ghetto

Chorus (Flaj)
(Bushwick Bill)
Five hundred *****s died in guerilla warfare
In a village in Africa, but didn't nobody care
They just called up the goddamn gravedigga
And said come get these mutha****in *****s
Just like they do in the 5th Ward
In the South Park and The Bronx and the Watts
You know they got crooked cops
Working for the system
Makin' po mutha****as out of victims
Don't nobody give a **** about the po
It's double jeopardy if your black or latino
They got mutha****in drugs in the slums
Got us killing one another over crumbs
Think I'm lying? Well mutha****a I got proof
Name a section in your city where minorities group
And I'ma show you prostitutes, dope and hard times
And a murder rate that never declines
And little babies sittin on the porch smellin' smelly
Cryin cause they ain't got no food in they bellies
They call my neighbourhood a jungle
And me an animal, like they do the people in Rawanda
Fools fleeing their countries to come here black
But see the same bullshit and head right back
They find out what others already know
The world is a ghetto

(Willie D)
What's up outta towner? Southern ***** downer
I wish you would bring your mutha****in *** around here
With that hip **** **** from your block
You **** around and get shipped back home to ya momma in a pine box
Cause we don't play that **** in 5th Ward
We got killas and hustlas and playas to so ***** disregard
What your seeing on them western movies
cause yo! I ain't never rode a horse before
Ho, think we slow? Smash the gas
And watch how fast I'll put these hands on yo' ***** ***
Try to load them dice, you'll meet the gravedigga
Cause game recognize game scheisty *** *****
See I done seen fools die for less
Than a goddamn cigarette butt, for ****in' wit my set
So get that frown off your face busta
Cause you ghetto ain't no harder than mine

Chorus (Flaj)

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