Geto Boys This Dick's For You Lyrics

Artist: Geto Boys
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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Length: 5:33

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[Big Mike]

This goes out to you H-O-E's
Swangin on the nuts of us **********in G's
You ain't never seen a ***** like me baby
Big Mike aka Big D D
Big **** daddy, droppin you hoes in the sack
Bustin nut after nut on your **********in back
If your ***** wants to make love to you, cool let a ***** know
Cause a ***** like myself just wana **** you hoe
And if you don't want him to know I won't snitch
You can be his girl but you know you'll always be my *****
My freak my hoe my tramp my moneymaker
Keep yo ***** right or a ***** like myself will take a smooth
Off the S-L-A-be
And why you trippin you know your ***** will be rollin with me
So to ladies and everyone throughout your crew
Give a smile in the mean watch out
This **** is for you

I, ***** I just want to **** you
****, sucked the whole night through
***, licked as if I was a star
This **** is for you baby; wherever you are, hey

[Bushwick Bill]
*****es I scoop them up like jacks
Stack them like racks and send them home with their ***** off tracks
Cause they be figuring me to be a light weight
But if it gets 'em into the bed, then that's OK
Cause when I get them, I'm doin damage to that ***** hole
Not only do I **** the body, but I **** the soul
What other ***** do you know that can handle this
Hijack the ***** from the back and dismantle it
It sounds kind of difficult, but it ain't
The only difficulty that occurs is when the *****'s stank
Cause then I'm a have to send you home and throw you in a ditch
Or leave you for the garbage man you unsanitary *****
So spread your legs wide open boo
And let a ***** like me get down, cause this **** is for you


*****es say I talk bad cause I'm real
And to me expressin myselfis tellin a ***** just how I feel
I had a couple of women in my life but yo
In 1992 I realized that they was hoes
Cause hoes will straight up do hoe ****
*****es even more ****
And ladies will give you no ****
So I kicked back and played the hand that I was dealt
Peep game in the mix, and let these hookers play themself
Cause 80 percent of the *****es I meet ain't **** but money bandits
I front like I'm giving up bank
Stick **** in they ***, and leave 'em stranded
But for women, I got a better tactic cause I love them
They come to Mr. Brad cause their mistreated by their husbands
So I hook up **** to make it right
Just call me tonight
And I'll make sure that everything runs tight
Cause if he don't appreciate you boo
The way that I do
You need to let him run back to his crew
Cause he don't understand what you goin through
But regardless to who I screw
This **** is for you

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