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Album: Track 7 on The Life
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Why did you go, why did you leave
Why did you take your love from me
What did I do, what did I say,
Why did you take your love away
Why did you go, why did you leave,
Why did you take your love from me
Something I said, something I've done,
Why did you take your love away

I've been single, been lonely, and hating every second of it baby
I can't sleep right, one mo' night, cause I miss the lovin' from my lady
I would give up almost anything to get you back into my life
Baby I'm sorry for whatever I've done and I want you to be my wife


What's the problem, can we talk baby, I thought our love was real and true
You can tell me, I'm all ears girl, There's nothing we can't get through
Whatever the problem is we'll work it out, don't break up a happy home
Life is nothing without love to share and I don't want to be alone


The memories are too much to bear
I'm so in love with you and I'm about to lose my mind
Don't know what I've done to make you leave me you baby
But I'll be true to you if you come back to me
You, you, you, you


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