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Album: Track 13 on Roots
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Tu lo dices que salir
A mi, lo tanto mis queria.
Que es mentira, yo la contre
Por la calle, yo se, me enamore.

E-e-e-e-i....Y de un amor,
Que no me diga
Que la quieria
Toda la noche.

El dia me enamore
Con no me fui pasa el dia
Yo que cantare ay, mujer
Te quiero mar vivir
Como la noche y yo la pase
Sin nada
Te veo yo
No me digas, es nada,
Te buscare.
No me digas nada,
Te buscare.


Que estas el amor que te
Un dia ya cuerto de pase
Si tu eres mia
Como es nada si el
A un dia te veo a mirar
E-e-e-e-i....Como el amor
Lo llegara
Si pasa tiempo
Que el si fuera
Y ya cariña
A sin recuerdo

Your you say it that to leave To my, as much my queria. That it is lie, I it contre By the street, I, enamors to me. E-e-e-e-i….
And of a love, That it does not say to me That quieria All the night. The day enamors to me With I was not myself spends the day I that I will sing ay, woman I want sea to you to live As the night and I pass it Without nothing I to you see You do not say to me, is nothing, It will look for to you. You do not say anything to me, It will look for to you. Lai-lo-lai-lo-lai-lo-lai
...... That these the love that you A day already cuerto of happens If your you are mine As it is nothing if A day I see you watch E-e-e-e-i….
Like the love It arrived it If it spends time That if outside And already cariña To without memory
Nai-no-nai-no-nai-no-nai .....

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