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Artist: Girls Against Boys Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Freak*on*ica
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You may be a loser.
You may be a cruiser.
You know I'm on your side.
You can show me the smile,
But the vibe is better in exile.
Hit me.
Yeah, you see what you want,
But you can't go inside.
Know what you want,
But you can't go inside.
Give me what you give to no one.
I can't go inside.
Do that dance for no one.
Song: Cowboy's Orbit
The love is good
If the loop is good
All styles + East coasting
West coasting
Don't ya forget
No regrets just get ya *** in orbit
Love is good
(I've got time to talk in and crush your mind)
Come freak me out
The love is good - can ya sell me that
The symptoms are systematic
The symptoms are rinematic
Come dream me out come freak
In a world of reaction
Evergy + affection
You affect me in do all styles east coasting west coasting get ya *** in
Nine tenths of any battle is the love you have for what you're doing.

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