Give Up the Ghost - Since Always Lyrics

Artist: Give Up the Ghost Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on We're Down Til We're Underground
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Sing sing keep sinking
Let the cars keep swerving
Let the songs keep skipping
Crush crush keep kissing
Shoot shoot keep missing
I used to compare myself but I don't care anymore
I never had it, you never had it
We were young and the sun didn't shine on us
Where is the life you thought you'd live?
Where is the love you thought you'd give?
Sipping on sympathy, feeding on tragedy
This is our therapy for open heart surgery
I'll never have it, you'll never have it-
We were young and the rains came down on us
We're humming 'Reveille' just slightly out of key
(Our love is real to me)
In Sunday's best singing free of things we'd like to be
And left over puddles we'd run ourselves quietly
This is our therapy, this is for you and me
Our love is real to me

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