Glass Tiger - Far Away From Here Lyrics

Artist: Glass Tiger Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Diamond Sun
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I'm sleeping
All alone tonight
So don't call
On my phone tonight

By your side
Is where I wanted to be
So I tried
But it was never for me

I'm calling out
For someone's help
I'm falling
All by myself

I believe that you're
Addicted to me
see'est la vie, just set me free
A man's mind

And a woman's heart
It could only hurt
That's how we're torn apart
Well I thought you gave me love

Or was it just sympathy
But you know it worked
And now you're hurting for me

So I'll leave
And go far away from here
Yes, I'll leave
And go far away from here

Oh! And I'm falling, falling
Down on my knees
Darling all I want is to be free
.. Rescue me

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