Glass Tiger - One Night Alone Lyrics

Artist: Glass Tiger Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Simple Mission
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Well when I first met you
I thought
It's too good to be true
You had a look in those evil eyes
That said
"What do you want me to do to you?"
Some people talk about heroes
I know I must be one
Part of the walking and wounded
Young boy--take cover
She's "incoming" and the's looking
For another lover
Give me one night alone
Put out this fire baby
Take me home
Give me one night alone
One night alone
So take a cold hearted woman
Just like lovin' on ice
She knows how to forget you
So boy you better get it right
This time
Told me you'd make
Me your lover
That's why I gave into you
You chewed me up
Then you spat me out again
Oh baby--you're no lady
You give me give me fever
Crank it up and drive me crazy
It's not the garden of eden
No it's not paradise
I bit the apple
Now I'm here to play for you
Hey baby--you're no lady
You give me give me fever
Crank it up and
Drive me crazy

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