Golden Earring - Don't Close the Door Lyrics

Artist: Golden Earring Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on No Promises... No Debts
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* No promises no debts

Tried everything just to feel all right
But it sure gets lonely
And it sure gets bad
When you feel like a prisoner of your own head
Tonight I’m gonna break the spell
Walk out of this flea-bag motel, hell
Tonight I’m gonna break this spell
Find me somebody who will…. Get me outa here
Another sad café - another dead-end street
Tried everything just to catch that beat
Honey this time I won’t fail
Blues gets too boring
How about lets spend the night
Make love in the morning
No no no don’t close the door
No no no ‘s not what I’m waitin’ for
Rainy day – cloudy night
Tried everything just to feel all right
Tonight I’m gonna break the spell

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