Golden Smog - Yesterday Cried Lyrics

Artist: Golden Smog Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Down by the Old Mainstream
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Yesterday is just the day before today
Sat and watched it, watched it slide away
Yesterday cried. Oh, yesterday cried
Looking at me through those tiny eyes
Why did you do it, why'd you have to lie
Yesterday cried. Oh, yesterday cried

All you ever wanted, and all you'll ever need (*4)
Oh, yesterday cried

My main line's gone a different way
I woke up, and it was yesterday
Yesterday cried. Oh, yesterday cried
Times been good, times they been bad
When I was with you, you know it made me sad
Yesterday cried. Oh, yesterday cried


Yesterday cried
By the shape of things I'm in
I'll just watch it slide away
Yesterday. Yesterday. Yesterday

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