Gorillaz - The Swagga Lyrics

Writer(s) : Albarn, Damon / Hewlett, Jamie
Artist: Gorillaz Lyrics
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Alright, wanna be a teacher in the team
Get to come in naked ?cause it's clean
I wanna be your make-up with the seam
Just take a shaker, make it mean

I won't get over the dam
?Cause it's just like that old mile
Every four o'clock in the morning
I think I'm gonna die

Check, I'll hold you
I wish it was you

Gotta get a cat up a CK
?Cause that's where we're at
Gotta give a car the beetles
?Cause they're just sad

But I won't get over it now
?Cause it's half-drawn on the shout
It could be four o'clock in the morning
If you wish it'd got no style

I gotta **** out like I was never
On the fallest town to be
I could wish this way forever
But I ain't ever gonna be clean

No, I can't get shot, albeit, no
I can't get shot, albeit, no
I can't get shot, ooh

Wanna grow to keep it in tune
Gonna make it easy for you
Wanna be the cavern in the cold
Just get this on with everything the kids enjoy

But I won't get over it soon
?Cause it ain't light at full noon
At four o'clock in the morning
I got cheering up to do

If that's not you there, there ain't no shot
It's just like walls I never trod

But I go, ooh
I just go, ooh
We all go, ooh, yeah
We all go, ooh, alright

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