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Artist: Granian Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Without Change
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grass is green, the trees are tall
watch me walk and watch me fall
flower pot sits in the window, staring at, staring at
the world
in my eyes
the world
perfect blue skies
memories are jaded, with fingerpaint
just keeps on faing, won't hesitate
wanna bring, wanna bring, wanna watch me see
the world
in my eyes
the world
perfect blue skies
grow up kid your destiny calls you
nothing left to prove
all my life been proud of direction,
but proud for who
Can't be real and so I close my eyes
(the world__in my eyes)
Look ahead, all is perfect blue skies
(the world__ perfect blue skies)
Can you see my world?
in my eyes
the world is fading, still fading

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