Graveworm - Lost Yourself Lyrics

Artist: Graveworm Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on When Daylight’s Gone
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When I awake - from my dream
Obscurity - in my eyes
Burning tears - over me
Angels cry - lifeless time
I will cry - I wish to die
Lost yourself - lost your way
Lie above the holy ground
Devotion to your life
My faith is now my second way
To destroy my inner cry
I hear your voice deep in me
Let me feel your light
Help me god, now it's time
Incarnation on earth
Lost yourself - lost your way
Lost yourself - lost your way
Cry for your life when you just became a sign of god
Follow me into the light where angels fly
Cry as I see your soul leave now the sphere of death
Death is the door to another life where time will stop
Lost yourself - lost your way
Lost yourself - lost your mind

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