Graveworm - Which Way Lyrics

Writer(s) : FLARER, LUKAS
Artist: Graveworm Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on (N)utopia
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So many roads, so many places
A million towns, a milliard faces
It's called: world population
But the appropriate name, world domination
Can someone help me?
Who should I call?

In such time, guns are friends
Never ever you see shaking hands
Even childs are making war
So called freedom is away so far
Can someone help me?
Who should I call?

I want escape, I want to fly,
I want to breath, I want to cry,
I'll kill myself therefore and so,
I want to know, where I should go!

Can someone help me?
Who should I call?
The population, is gonna fall

I'm asking, for deliverance
Suggest, I wait for a wise sentence

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