Greeley Estates - Believe the Lies Lyrics

Artist: Greeley Estates Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Far From the Lies
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If this is it, then what's the point of living without any hope
We know that there is more than what we see a reason for being here
Will we give in and let it suffocate us
Will we breathe

We know we're worth more than they tell us
So we search to find the truth
Could it be that the answer's right in front of our eyes

If all we are is a mistake
Then what's the point is all of this
We won't believe the lies they are telling
We won't believe the lies

We're told that there is nothing sacred about the life we have
What will it take for us to see beyond our circumstance


Will we sit back and settle for
A cheap imitation
Will we sit back and settle for
A cheap imitation

[Chorus: x2]

Is it so hard to see our way
Its so hard

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