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Album: Track 1 on The Acoustic Verses
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Oh sweet leaf
Swaying in the wind
Under stars and moon
And sunrise gloom
Hanging on to the tree
That gives you life

Oh sweet leaf
Has your time come?
Will your journey begin?
Afraid of falling and falling
With the wind
Away, away from your origin

Oh sweet leaf
How was it?
Hanging under stars
Feeling the wind
Knowing you're safe
Clinging on to me

Oh sweet leaf
Why did you leave?
Why didn't you stay?
How can I be your guardian angel?
When you are away?

Oh dear father
Let me tell you
I loved to sway in the wind
Under the stars and moon
And sunrise gloom
Clinging on to you

Oh dear father
Can't you see?
I am not running away
I am just searching
For the real me

Oh dear mother
Why do we have to go?
Why don't we stay?
How can I be yours?
When we are always away?

Oh sweat leaf
When your time comes

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