Gregorian Once in a Lifetime Lyrics

Artist: Gregorian
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group, SOCIEDAD GENERAL DE AUTORES DE ESPANA S G A E
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Length: 3:49

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When you're near me,
I close my eyes
I want to feel you by my side
When you kiss me
I close my eyes
Want you by my side


When I realise
There's no "tell me lies"
Then I know it's Once in A Lifetime
Making love to you
Everything is new
You know you're my Once in A Lifetime

When you touch me,
I burn inside
Cold shiver down my spine
When you take me
I can't get enough

Repeat chorus

Once in a Lifetime 3x

Giving all I've got
And you left me not
You're my lover Once In A Lifetime
Taking care of you
Everytime it's new
You know you're my Once In A Lifetime

Chorus 3x

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