Gregory and the Hawk - The Bolder Thing To Do Lyrics

Artist: Gregory and the Hawk Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Olives
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Every day trying to make up for the one before climb three flights to tremble at the sight of your already open door the frustration I see when I tell you I like some company breaks my heart how can you be so impartial? (chorus) and I've made myself the fool who's fallen for you so let me down softly this time and I wont have to come back cryin' I've just made myself look bad and you're the one who should be feelin' bad it'd be better to forget you but I don't really want to it'd be better to forget you but I don't really want to energy spent trying to believe you're not worth it you don't deserve it but I wish you did 'cause I can't live without this and I'll remember you as the second or two artists I knew who decided to screw me over 'cause it's the bolder thing to do chorus X2

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