Gretchen - Ordinary Girl Lyrics

Artist: Gretchen Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on Mouth Full of Nails
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(verse 1)
I'm just an ordinary girl
trapped in a complicated world
just like a crushed up soda can
recycled, restored, to live again
for somebody else to use me up

Fill me, Heal Me
Lover of my Soul

I won't be discarded
I won't feel departed
I won't be discarded

(verse 2)
why does it have to be so cruel
to hate me because I am like you
this world can be contrary
viscious & sort of scary
But I'm gonna keep my eyes on you


(alt chorus)
I won't be, I won't be
I won't be --Ordinary (4x)

(verse 3)
Now I can't even watch the news
see all the people being used
face without a name but,
I just can't help but feel their pain
I pray their hearts will turn to you

(alt chorus)

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