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Album: Track 10 on Mouth Full of Nails
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(verse 1)
You're feelin alone
You're out on your own
Everythings red
the pain in your head
about to explode
You want to survive
But its all in your mind
You feel there's no hope
that your life's a joke
and your out of time

This feeling in inside
Took you for a ride
You thought all was lost
and so at all cost
went totally wild
So now you must pay
For mistakes that you made
Unless you repent
the time that you spent
will all be in vain

See me hear me
Life ain't what it appears to be
There are two paths you can take
Your destiny is what you make

(bridge rap)
I look around but the only sound is the scream I see when you look at me.
You seem so sweet but underneath, your pleasure lies in my defeat.
You want to go so far be a super star,
see your name in lights and a chauffered car,
but the real desire is not the finer, you need a love that won't deny you!!

(alt chorus)
see me and hear me the power comes through me
to reach your desire and kindle the fire

open your eyes and see
can't you hear me?
open your eyes and see
can't you hear me?
open your eyes and see
can't you hear me?
open your eyes and see!

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