Gucci Mane Brick Fair Lyrics

Artist: Gucci Mane
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yea its gucci n*****
imma tell u like its just another day in tha east atlants 6 just a young n**** in yo hood sellin bricks just another n**** just another click u just another girl man u just another b****
yellow carvet dats da dopemans drop blue and white jake dats da dopemans watch bouldercrest road dats da dopemans block dopeman dopeman can i please cop police trynna tell da dopeman stop da dopeman thankin man i gotta make a knot da trap kinda slow imma make da trap hot wakaflaka flame tell dro to bring da chppas imma thow thow ya back back to 89 move to atlanta georgia i waz jus 9 mockaflock apartment everybody on da grind den i move to sunvalley everybody had a 9 went to skool 11 wit a mothaf***** nife when i was 13 i got my first strike i got mw firsdt strike its gucci mane laflare kush smokin dro smokin put it in da air n**** dis a hood affaire every hood every where when u here dis in yo car u gon wanna pull a chair up guccie mane laflare i be ridin in dat lare i be so iced up i be so kushed up man all i wanna do is be like gucci when i grow up all i wanna do is buy a pounnd and get droed up all she wanna do is buy a ball and get snowed up tell her that i got cuz i kno that shes a shopper shawty wanna
8ball tell her call rocker shawty wanna bone teller that dont got her im gonna serive her chop her like burger gucci man laflair and the track gettin murder its gucci
Thanks to Ray Harper for these lyrics
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