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Album: Track 6 on Guy Clark
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I had a friend named Bill Campbell he used to rob steal and gamble
And on the side he'd beg so he mopped up
Well I told ol' Billy shouldn't do but ol' Bill said that he knew it
So he started beggin' with a bucket instead of a cup
He's in the jailhouse now he's in the jailhouse now
Now ol' Bill fluffed his dove
When he wrote a tuxedo to the country club
He's in the jailhouse now
[ yodel ]
Now Bill had a gal named Saddie and she said have you seen Billy lately
No I don't believe that he's about
But ol' Saddie went down to the jail she it was just to take him his mail
Then she whispered sheriff please don't let him out
He's in the jailhouse now he's in the jailhouse now
It was while ol' Bill's away
Saddie's with the sheriff everyday he's in the jailhouse now
[ yodel ]
[ piano - guitar ]
[ yodel ]
Well I remember the last election the prohibitionists were in action
Tryin' to elect themselves a president
Bill Canpbell and John Austin they rode from New Orleans to Boston
And they've got a bottle in every settlement
They're in the jailhouse now they're in the jailhouse now
Lord they caught them out by the railroad track
Stealin' a train to haul it back they're in the jailhouse now
[ yodel ]

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