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Album: Track 12 on The Dark
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Hammer on both strings for the Em.
You will have to experiment
To get the exact position of the chord changes with respect
To the lyrics but this is close.

In the dark you can sometimes hear your own heartbeat
Or the heart of the one next to you
And the house settles down after holding itself up all day
Shoulders slump, gives a big sigh
You hear no ones footfall in the hall

That drip in the kitchen sink keeps marking time
June bug on the window screen can't get in but keeps on trying

One way or another we're all in the dark

Fireflies and sparks and lightning, stars
Campfires, the moon headlights on cars
The Northern lights, the milky way
You can't see that stuff in the day

The Earth turns it's back on the sun
And the stars come out and the planets start to run around
They call that 'day is done
But really it's just getting started
Some folks take comfort in that

How dark is it it's too dark for goblins
How dark is it it's so dark you can smell the moon
How dark is it it's so dark the wind gets lost
How dark is it so dark the sky's on fire
How dark is it so dark you can see Fort Worth from here

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