Guy Sebastian - Never Hold You Down Lyrics

Artist: Guy Sebastian Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Like It Like That
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Im never gunna hold you down

Ive listened to sweet love and no need for me love
But some dreams don't come true
Coz I know your kisses are on the wish list
Of another lover who wants to
Believe he is the only one you let drive your car
But we all knew how this would play out,
Long before the game started

Oh I'm never never never gonna hold you down
Never never never gunna hold you down
No I'm never never gunna hold you down
Never never never

I want to make you all mine but I know its only just a matter of time
Before you fly so ill try
but I'll never never never hold you down

You see its better to lose love than never to have loved
And with you they got it right
It's only a season I know ya teasin
But it's the best time of my life

After you gone girl I wont forget it
Memories fade but I just wont let it
I knew I could never keep you forever
Long before the game started

[Chorus to fade]

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