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Artist: Guy Sebastian Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Like It Like That
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I need everyone to get this down
This will not be easy
Coz what I'm askin for
Is something we have never tried before

Lets make a girl but not just any girl
She needs to be perfect perfect

Add some beautiful throw in some divine
she needs to define perfection
Don't forget the sugar
Make it so she's sweet from her head to her feet

Go and get Picasso he can paint her eyes
Michelangelo can paint her smile
And when their finally finished I want nothing less
Than for all of us to stand here breathless

Lets make a girl but not just any girl
She needs to be perfect perfect


All the angels said can we keep her
She's so beautiful
But god said someone down there needs her
And he can't live without her without her

She's so beautiful flawlessly divine
And yes she defines perfection
Please don't change a thing it's obvious to me
That what I see is perfection

When she's 21 she'll change somebody's life
When she's 28 she'll be his wife

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