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Artist: Guy Sebastian Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Like It Like That
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If I could go back in time
I would go back, stop myself from making
The biggest mistake of my life
And we had it good so why'd we risk it
It wasnt broke so why'd we fix it
Sometimes I wish that I could hit reverse

Tell me what can I say
Tell me what can I do
Can I make you stay
Can I hit undo
Tell me is there a way
Cause I know never to
Can I make you stay
Can I hit undo

Now I realise that this will never work
And love has reached the end
Yeah I realise
But I dont understand why you and I
Cant just go back to being friends

I had my cake so why'd I eat it
Wish that I could just apple z it
Somebody show me how to hit reverse


Dont say that its all or nothing
All im asking for is something
That we can find a way
To make it alright
Dont say that its all too late now
I dont want this to be our fate now
Somebody show me how to get back where we started


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