H & Claire - Over You Lyrics

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Nobody ever told me love could hurt this way
And I'd be feeling how I feel tonight
I've tried to hide it but my eyes reflect the pain
No happy endings here for you and I

‘coz now you're saying its over and done
There's nothing I can do

When it comes down to letting go
Won't you let me know
How to heal my heart
When it's hurting so
It's not easy to walk away
No matter what you say
Tell me what I should do
How to get over you (over you)

Sometimes I wish that I could see
What's in your heart
When did you decide to turn the page
You kept your distance
Did you keep it in the dark
Tell me how long have you felt this way

I hear you saying its over and done
There's nothing I can do (oh no)

Chorus (2x)

Look into my eyes
Tell me no more lies
When love breaks down that's the least you can do
Then I put aside my wounded pride
Somehow I'll get over you

Chorus (3x)

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