Cryin Out My Heart To You Lyrics


album: Track 9 in album Imitations Of Life
release date:
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genres: Hip Hop Funk / Soul
styles: RnB/Swing/New Jack Swing
length: 6:06

Cover Art

H-Town Imitations Of Life cover art
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[Verse 1:]
I'm Standing Here I'm Half Way Dead
I'm Like A Child With No Family
I'm Helpless(Ooh, Ummmm)
Knowing Girl I've Done U Wrong
Please Forgive Me
I've Been So Much A Fool
Please, Girl, I Love U
I Couldn't Take It
When U Said Farewell
My Heart Bled So Crazy
Lady, I'm Sorry
In The Early Mornin
I Woke Up Knowin
U Aren't There By My Side
I've Lost U
Cryin Out
Cryin Out My Heart 2 U
Cryin Out
Cryin Out My Heart 2 U
Cryin Out
Cryin Out My Heart 2 U
Cryin Out
Cryin Out My Heart 2 U
[Verse 2:]
Now The Tables Turned On Me
I Felt The Way U Felt Baby
I'm Hurtin(Yeah)
And Now I'm The One That's Wearin Yo Shoes
Being The One That's Singin Oh The Damn Blues
Yall Know What I'm Sing, Sang It
I Know I Was Wrong, Yeah, Yeah
Yeah Yeah [x3]
U Must Beware Of
What U Getcha Self Into
Cuz Somebody Else Might Do It Just 2 U
Yeah, Yeah
[Guitar Interlude and Dino Singing]
[Dino Singin:]
U Ain't Got 2 Go Nowhere Baby
U Ain't Got 2 Go Nowhere Baby
Say If U Need Somebody 2 Cook Yo Breakfast
I'll Be Right There
It Will Be Me
It Will Be Baby, Yeah, Yeah
I'll Play The Keyboards 4 Ya
[Chorus: Til Song Fades]

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