Hades - Glorious Again the Northland Shall Become Lyrics

Artist: Hades Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on ...Again Shall Be
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brave sons of the pagan age raises
by the summoning of a wind from the past
silently watching the valleys below
as the northern light crosses the sky
by the light of a thousand fires
over the hills of a thousand graves
unholy invocating words have been chanted

the rebirth of the ravens has come
war is the reflection in their eyes
glorious again the northland shall become
and the strength of the pagan ones shall arise

brave sons of the pagan age raises
northern steel cuts the flesh of the false
storms of ancient hate is howling across time
as the lightning rapes the sky
and the blaze of the hammer strikes
force the week to kneel for the stong
the rebirth of the ravens has come

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