Half Man Half Biscuit - Little in the Way of Sunshine Lyrics

Artist: Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on CSI:Ambleside
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I know the drivers by their first names
It’s said they’ve got me photo in the staff canteen
I’ve got a wallchart with all their foibles
Tony drives the forty one, no vinegar, just salt
I was Mr Wet Underpants in eighty nine
Titled by accident more than design
And I’ll tell you stuff for nothing
I’ll tell you it for free
Shawshank Redemption, five quid, HMV
And there’s little in the way of sunshine
Heading our way
I’m standing forward of the notice and it all looks
Decidedly grey

I had a dream on the fourth of August
Duff Leg Bryn got on the one-one-three
A Weimaraner has had me Shorthorn
Me go Leominster eat dog’s heart
If you look carefully in the background of The Scream
The couple on the bridge are both Robson Greene
My happy-go-lucky affectation conceals
Extraordinary fires, but it still kind of feels
There’s little in the way of sunshine heading our way
Whilst the vehicle’s in motion, the driver’s got nothing to say

I got lost in Newfoundland
I’ve got an in-store at Poundland
I’ve used all my powdered Peruvian bark
I woke up this morning but I’m still in the dark
With little in the way of sunshine
Nothing in the way of moonshine
Little in the way of sunshine heading our way

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