Halfcocked - Devil Shoes Lyrics

Artist: Halfcocked Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on The Last Star
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Well, its almost 10 AM you're still talking about your sex life
Put on your shoes and pants and start walking
I'll see you on your way out

Hey You! I got a reason to feel the way I'm feeling
and I'm not naive and I Fought you and now I'm leaving

Its almost 10 pm and I'm thinking about my sex life
Put on my horns and tail and start drinking
I'll see you on my way down

Hey You! I got a reason to feel the way I'm feeling
And I'm not naive and I fought you and Now I'm leaving

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I did not notice you there
I'm sorry! I'm sorry, you must have
Mistook me for someone who cares

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